Building my brand

After last weeks cold shower from the lecturer at School. ”What!”, shock an horror, ”you´re not as active on linked in as you are on FB?” I have been making an effort to update my status also on Linked  In. At least a few times a week… well, the week just passed anyway as I am not sure how long I can keep it up.  I am pleased to announce my profile views are up by 24% and 88 different users have viewed my updates. Furthermore, people viewing my profile are from my new trade -”communication” which is pleasing.

I am also trying to mix the sharing with producing my own content as that is what all the books (and teachers) say. I try to follow the 4:1:1 rule, but I like writing so much it is quite hard.  I will be monitoring my numbers to see if it works like the textbook says.

This Tuesday I was at an interview for a post as intern next spring. All being well I shall be able to combine my love for dogs  with my need to write by spending almost 17 weeks writing animal related content. And I will get to bring my black boys with me to the office. Hows about that for the best of both worlds:) I wonder how many people get to bring their dog to work, and does that make for  nicer work environment for everybody at the office, or just the dog owner 🙂

// Jeanette



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