Observations about media and marketing

Having a home study day today I decided to start with (after dropping my little one off at School, taking my dog to the vet, tidying the house and talking to my mum) going through FB and reading a fashion magazine I found in the mailbox getting back from the vet. With my newly aquired social media glasses and critichal thinikng this is what I found

  • The girl in the Thomas Sabo ad is far to young to be a viable customer, and therefore one would think not a good ”oh I want to be like her” model for the brand. Even so, I am desperate for the bracelet in the ad. The way it glitters and promises me some measure of glamour in my normal mother of three dog walking life. Why do I still want the product when I hate the ad?
  • Humble bragging is annoying. Like ”I didn’t complete the marathon in the time I wanted, maybe it´s …..” I am pretty sure I have read about this before, but in the context of ”why are women so afraid to seem like they are boasting.” Well I feel I could easily write a few thousand words on the subject of society, patriarchy and women being allowed (yes allowed) to express themselves and their views but I shall refrain. This time. The point of the story is not to play on false modesty to get sympathy or attention.
  • Scientists have shown, that the music we listen to during our teenage years stays with us for the rest of our lives. This is so obvious I won´t bore you with the reasoning behind it as I am sure you knew this already. The question is, why don´t I hear more older music on the radio? I mean if you want to get me into a good mood all you have to do is play some Eurythmics and I am all yours.
  • There is a fine balance between invoking anxiety or pleasure. With X-mas just around the corner I am bombarded with recipies and images of homemade buns and cookies and three course dinners. I like both cooking and baking, but all I see is the message that I need to perform at an even higher standard in the most stressful month of the year. They are not engaging me at all!
  • Inequality of all sorts get the most shares on FB, well, apart from cute animals and people parking a small digger on a lorry without getting out of the drivers seat and competitions and… Well, stories that highlight social injustice should get a lot of shares, but maybe that is just my opinion.

This week we had a workshop in school about social media strategies, learning how to identify target groups by common behaviour or needs rather than age or gender. All very interesting but it makes me wonder where marketing will take us in the future. I am already tired of mesages trying to make me feel certain things, I hate to feel manipulated. So what will work next year or in five years time?

The one message that I hear and read all the time is ”stay true to yourself” (or your business mission). My take on that would be, speak to your followers, customers, supporters like he/she is one of your friends. Not your best friend that you tell all your secrets and rude jokes, but a good friend. One you can rely on but know you can´t push too far. But before you can do that as a business, of course, you have to know who you are, not what you are selling.

However, reading  an article about making active choices about what to eat I find the quote of the day, the qoute of everyday perhaps. ”Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative”.(Oscar Wilde) Just imagine how boring life would be if the world wasn´t constantly changing around us.

// Jeanette



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