One week and three days

One week and three days my husband said to me this morning and got a blank stare in response. Then I got it. That is the time left before we all go on Christmas leave and when I think about it I have heard many count downs in the last week. Maybe the long and dark November has taken it´s toll.
As I am a student  I did not have a summer holiday this year. I took a summer course about Buddhism and new Japanese religions in the  west instead. It was a fab course, but now my brain really, really needs to rest. My group at School is fortunately of the same opinion so we are really pushing ourselves to finish the group project before Christmas so that we can relax and eat sweeties with a clear concsience. It would be nice to start the new year with energy.
I am hoping for some time where I can relax and to fun stuff with my family, and take long walks with my dogs without keeping one eye on the clock.  Lie ins are unheard of in our house, but at least I won´t have to rush off in the morning, or make a sleepy little person get dressed when all we both want to do is snuggle up in bed and read a story.
Back to work now. I have to finish my part of our group project before Christmas so that I can allow myself to relax, and study for the four hour exam on business economy that shadows my existence until next Friday. I am so looking forward to the end of all the theory and getting to sink my teeth into some real Social Media work when we start our period of internship in Feb.

// Jeanette
Future Social Media Manager