A friend in pain.


When the snow came on Tuesday morning he went wild. He was in the garden like a mad snowmole, racing around like he had found a thousand bones at once. Today he is lying on a mattress in the living room whimpering and feeling groggy from painkillers after hurting his leg yesterday. As much as I shared his joy over the snow I now wish there was a way for me to share his pain. To carry if for him and makes his day easier.

My black friend has been through a lot in his short 3,5 years. He has had three operations on his left hind knee, the same one that is now causing him trouble. In total he has been in noticeable pain for about a year with good periods in between and it feels so unfair that he is hurting again. He will have a restful week and then we´ll see how his leg is doing.

He is a sturdy Labrador, our Charlie. A crazy construction of bulky body supported by “stick legs”. As black as the night and the wisest and kindest being on earth. As most dog owners will tell you, it is sometimes hard work caring for a dog, they need so much more than just food, water and walks. But the love, companionship and loyalty they give make the responsibility worthwhile. Charlie

Charlie has just gotten his puppyish playfulness back this past autumn. Again he has been inviting us to play tug of war, throw his ball or demanding our attention with a firm paw. We have also started tracking in the forest which he finds immensely exciting. When Charlie was a little fluffy ball of fur he would lie on my feet when I worked from home, shadow me through every movement of the day and fall asleep in his bed next to ours every night. He is good at picking up emotions and will always offer comfort to anyone in need, a proverbial gentle giant.

Today as so many days through his rehab it is I that have been watching over him. Listening to the rhythm of his breathing and offering cuddles and comforting small talk. He responds with wagging the very tip of his tail and reminds me that even in the hardest of moments we are best friends and that he understands and appreciates my love for him.