Guess is the learn and learn is actually the guess!

In the face of a rapidly changing society where gadgets and technology exist that can do more things than we are able to cope with the above statement sums it all up. It is an old truth, but still valid. We learn by guessing how things go together and it is the process of learning, ie the guessing, that gives the knowledge meaning. What good is knowledge if you don´t use it but merely cram it in and store it?

The fact is of course that we need both. Without factual knowledge about how things work, I mean both technical inventions and historical events, how can we hope to create a better future? But as obvious as this may seem, we have created, or are allowing to continue, a world that premiers greed and inconsideration.

  • Americans seem prepared to vote a chauvinistic buffoon for presidential candidate somehow making the leap of thought that if you have money you automatically have the integrity and diplomatic negotiator skills to run America. I dare not even think what damage he will do to the world L
  • Year 2016 we still have people that starve, that lack access to clean water and sanitation and nations that passively accept or promotes social injustice based on a person’s gender or beliefs.
  • Most of us are not living a life of integrity where you say, mean and actually act upon what you say is your moral compass.

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, maybe I read too many books, I don´t know but like so  many others I have started to shake my head at the world. Specifically at how the world is described to us in popular media. Media consumed through lack of time in the everlasting quest for happiness through external stimulation and attention.  We could try a society based on compassion and actual absolute regard for human life and integrity like:

  1. Causing harm to others is a bad thing, a pretty simple rule to remember.
  2. We don´t need half of what we have, decide what you need and go for a quality product that does not cause harm to people or nature at any stage in its lifecycle.
  3. Use less energy. It´s easy if you try.
  4. Premier people and companies that have embraced sustainability and circular economy.

I am not saying people should not be able to profit, merely that we should aim for that prosperity to come from ideas and enterprises that enhance humankind and the environment, equally, on a global scale.

I am guessing that we have not learned enough from history. I am guessing that we are only able to find a sustainable way forward by holding up our hands and admitting we have got it wrong. I am guessing the future I want for my children lie in a society based on compassion, empathy and sustainability. I am guessing that most people struggle to visualise a society not based on stock market reports, me to. I have learned though that I don´t like what I see. I have also learned that if I keep guessing and questioning I will understand more, and every guess based learn I tuck under my belt gets me closer to a better understanding of what my contribution can be in the big scheme of things.

This got a bit more serious than intended so I compensate with a picture of my cat.

2016-03-02 09.17.30

// Jeanette

The title is a quote from the very clever Edvin Lock.