Social Media Frenzie

In English today as I have entered Nonowrimo,  and am attempting to write my 50K novel in English.

Last week we started the second part of our communications course. Finally we are getting the nitty gritty on social media and trends in webb based communications. It seems easy, common sense really, so why do people find it so hard?
There seem to be zillions of DIY books on the subject and almost as many courses, on-line or IRL.  We had a full day lecture from the phenomenal Sarah Bernardt from the bureau Knowit last Monday and got a tour around social media hyperspace that left us dazed and very impressed.

My humble observation so far is that people either find it hard to speak as a person when representing a company because they are brain washed with corporate fancy long words talk, or perhaps they are just failing to connect with the company they work for. Or the other way around.

What stands out so far in this course, on all levels and subjects is that the world is an individual place and people are way to multi-faceted to fit into a simple ”target group”. We invite companies and organizations into our lives based on what added value they can bring to us, or if we associate them with a particular cause that we also support.

I now look at ads and sponsored pages with a new interest. I analyze whether they seem to have tried to add some value to anybody or just desperately want to sell. sell, sell or share this please, begging for my attention instead of earning it. I then look at which ones of my friends like it and try to work out if they really like the product or just found the status update moving, funny or relevant in some way.  As a result I find myself spending much more time by my computer or my smartphone which in turn makes me feel, well not so smart actually. I try to convince myself I do it because I have to know it in order to get a job once I am a qualified Webb communicator.
A nagging voice at the back of my head tells me I will probably be a better and more balanced person to employ if I spent more time doing the things I really care about. Like being with my family, writing novels, sewing and playing with my dogs. Surely you should be able to work with social media without being eaten alive by it!?

Going forwards I am going to be much more restrictive with who I let into my virtual space. All you content producers out there will  have to create some extra special value or I won’t even view your material. I will of course pay careful attention to how the content in my social media flow changes, or not.